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Immigrating to New Zealand? Think again.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Are you planning to live and work in Zealand? Here's some news you may want to consider first before making the first step.

Expats' paradise lost in New Zealand's jobs crisis

Only a few weeks ago, New Zealand was identified as the best place for British expats to make a fresh start.

It didn't take long for the accolade to wear thin.

The dreams of hundreds who left for a better life on the other side of the world are now turning into nightmares.

The expats face losing their jobs and being kicked out of the country because of the credit crunch and what is said to be a major shift in policy by the New Zealand government.

Filipinos miss out on jobs as NZ nurses

Trained Filipino nurses are paying thousands of dollars to colleges and recruitment agencies in the hope of well-paid jobs in Christchurch public hospitals, only to become trapped in low-paid care work.

However, the colleges insist they are helping foreign-trained nurses get registered in New Zealand, with English-language skills a major stumbling block.

Filipino nurses bewail New Zealand’s new hiring rules
MANILA, Philippines - Because of New Zealand’s new rules for hiring overseas-trained nurses, former Filipino dentist Ruby Lat is now stuck as a health care assistant at a hospital, earning 16 NZ dollars or more than P440 an hour despite being a nurse who could be earning NZ$25 or almost P700 an hour.

Please don't get me wrong here. This is not to discourage you in filing your application. Immigrating to another country is a major decision and you must do it only for the right reason.

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