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Employee of a Relocating Company

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Employee of a relocating company may also apply for permanent residence under New Zealand (NZ) Immigration Program. Your application for residence must first meet requirements for approval in principle, and you will be invited to apply for a temporary work visa or permit that allows you to come to New Zealand to make the relocation arrangements.

Application of an employee of a relocating company is relies heavily in your role in the relocating company and the business profile as a whole.

You must provide a letter from the CEO of the business that gives the following information:

  • the name and location of the business intending to relocate to New Zealand

  • why it is relocating, and how it will benefit New Zealand

  • a statement confirming that the relocated business will operate within all relevant New Zealand employment and immigration law

  • your current role in the business
  • your intended role in the relocated business

  • why you are considered to be a key staff member

  • an explanation of why you are not eligible for residence under any of our other immigration categories.

  • You will need to supply proof of the business’s current operation. This can include, for example, original or certified copies of:
  • the business registration

  • company accounts or tax returns and

  • any other documents or evidence that show how the business is currently operating.

  • Click here for the list of requirements and application forms you need to submit as employee of a relocating company

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